VN APK vs InShot APK

In today’s world of technology, Video editing has become a fundamental skill, enabling individuals, content creators, and businesses to make a lasting impact in a visually driven world. The availability of enormous video editing applications makes it pretty hard for us to find the best application.

Two popular contenders in this regard are the VN Vlog Now APK and InShot APK. Both are the modified versions of the original apps. And contain apps stock installer file with some extra features which are not available in the original application.

Here we are going to provide you a complete guide of VN APK vs InShot . After going through the details of the features both these applications offer, you will be very crystal clear about which application you have to choose and why. So, let’s delve deep into the captivating world of these APK’s.


VN APK is the enhanced and modified version of the standard application available on the play store. It has the most advanced and powerful feature for creating and editing videos. And offers the perfect way for editing videos without any hassle.

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This app is used by millions of users because of its high convenience and its APK mod has the most advanced features available for free. Additionally, this app offers so much potential that if you have basic knowledge about its features then surely you can unleash its potential and turn your videos into a masterpiece. You will love using this app once you download it.

Exciting Features of VN APK

VN is the most powerful app that impressed millions of users in the market. The amazing set of features this wonderful app offers ranging from basic to pro-level can make a person feel like an experienced video editor.

From basic features of resizing, patching, clipping, music additions, and transitions, VN offers a special set of APK features for free. For a better understanding of the countless features VN offers, we enlist all of them one by one very briefly.

  • Cool video filters and cinematic effects.
  • Clean user interface (UI) design for easy and simple use.
  • Use chroma-key( green screen) to remove background from your videos.
  • Availability of stunning subtitles and stickers.
  • Feel free to create keyframe animations.
  • Multilayer timeline.
  • Super easy to customize background music on your videos.
  • Easy to share high-definition video projects on all social media platforms without exporting.
  • Export High-quality videos for a smooth viewing experience.
  • You can save video drafts without finishing and uploading it.
  • Show off your creativity by PIP (Picture in picture).
  • Smooth speed control with integrated video stabilizer.

So you don’t need to go anywhere, everything you need is available in this one app. Users can create stunning video projects by using these distinctive features for both recreational and professional purposes. This app is completing the dreams of all beginners, semi-professional, and professional video editors by providing everything they need to turn their videos into a masterpiece.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using VN APK

VN is very impressive and empowering its users with a long list of advantages. But as everyone knows there is no rose without thorns, this app also has a few disadvantages. So while enjoying the beautiful and pleasurable features of VN its users also endure some small troubles it offers.


  • Hundreds of transition effects.
  • Highly optimized.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Trending filters.
  • Time-saving app.
  • Free premium advanced tools.
  • Ads free user interface.
  • No watermark.
  • Very good soundtracks.
  • No data shared with third parties.
  • No bugs and glitches.


  • Difficulty in adding voiceovers and songs.
  • You cannot browse the import files from the system gallery.
  • Need time while searching for audio because songs are in jumbled order.

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InShot APK

InShot APK is another modified video editing application for editing photos and videos on your mobile phones. This app is easy to navigate and intuitive because of its easy-to-understand interface which is user-friendly. The amazing set of features this app offers is commendable and the best ones if someone is a beginner in video editing. Some of its Pro features are paid and only available with a subscription. Overall, InShot Video Editor is an awesome app but not that awesome when it comes to the VN APK we described previously.

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Features of InShot APK

Some of the fascinating features offered by the InShot APK are enlisted here

  • Value-adding animations.
  • Lots of intriguing fonts.
  • Favorable for voice changing.
  • Create artwork by trimming and zooming.
  • Color adjustment.
  • User-friendly interface.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using InShot APK

InShot provides the following advantages and disadvantages to its user


  • Well optimized.
  • A lot of Transition effects.
  • Manual and automatic color grading.
  • Advanced Filters.
  • Make wonderful collages.


  • Contain ads.
  •  Collage degrades the picture quality.
  • Contain sliders for adjusting speed that’s frustrating.
  • No ability to rotate the videos manually even for small adjustments.
  • Takes too much time to download a video.
  • Paid premium tools and items.

Comparison of VN APK vs inShot APK

FeaturesVN APKInShot APK
Video Player & Editors
Photography, Video Player & Editors
Google Play ID
DeveloperVN, LLCInShot Video Editor
MOD FeaturesPro Unlocked/No AdsPro Unlocked


In VN APK vs InShot APK we concluded that VN has an upper hand in providing all the pro unlocked features that rival the likes of inShot, capcut, vivacut, and many other great applications. VN sometime annoys its user. But still, VN is the best of the best apps with unlimited features and smooth running. And is a great option for anyone looking to edit or create high-quality videos on a professional level.

While InShot provides a good set of features with few limitations. But still a very good option for any beginner in video editing.

Now you know which app you should choose on a priority basis. If you have any queries or face any difficulty while using the VN APK then feel free to comment and ask us. A heartfelt thanks for the time and attention you pay to reading our article.

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