A Step By Step Guide On Removing Background Noise

In this modern era where video editing is getting important as time is passing people love to deliver their message through youtube shots, instagram reels, and videos. Here background noise is the most common problem for content creators which impacts the quality of video.

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Editing the background noise and changing it with some music or some other voice overs will enhance the quality of video and you can clearly deliver the intent of your video to your viewers.

In this article we will delve into the step by step guide of how to remove background noise in VN video editor which is a versatile tool and easy to use. So let’s get start it;

Effects of Background Noise On Quality Of Video

Background noise is one of the most common problems for content creators as well as it ruins the quality of the video. And you would be unable to focus on the main content of the video. This is an alarming situation for professionals due to this engagement view having to struggle to get the intended message from your video.

VN Mod Apk has made it easy for beginners as well as for the professional to remove the background noise and change it with something engaging such as engaging music (how to add music in vn video editor) or anything else that will not break the focus of the viewer. As well as bad voice quality can decrease your fan following as people will lose interest in your videos. Here are some of negative impacts of background noise in your video;

  • Background noise lowers the quality of video
  • This noise will decrease your fan following as they will lose interest in your video
  • Unwanted background noise will create an unprofessional environment which is not good for social media workers
  • It negatively impact the content creation and people dont trust
  • Viewers face difficulty of getting message from your video

Removing background noise from your video will enhance the quality of your video and you can assure a clear audio for your viewers without hum and hiss. So lets make it possible by using VN video editor which is a free toll and will help you remove background noise.

Steps To Remove Background Noise Through VN Video Editor

Here are some easy and simple steps you can follow in order to remove the background noise from your video and make it clear with clear audio to give an accurate message and intent to the viewer; let follow the steps to remove background noise from your desired video;

  • Download and install the latest version of VN video editor. You need to make it sure that download the latest version in order to get all editing tools
  • In order to remove the background noise from your desired video click on the “New Project” and import the targeted video into VN video editor
  • Now click on the video and listen to it carefully in order to know where background noise is interrupting.
  • Now move toward the audio section by clicking on the audio icon and adjust the background noise in order to get a clear original video or completely mute it and add something like engaging music.
  • Furthermore you can locate the option of “noise remove” and BGM Volume and enable it in order to get clear video of the video intent.
  • Make sure that you have turned off the background voice by reviewing your video and click “OK” once you get satisfied. It will take only seconds to remove the background noise from your video
  • Congratulations! Background noise has been removed and now you can export your video and share it with your social media accounts and friends in order to show them your professionalism.

By following these easy and simple steps you can assure a great video without any interruption and with something engaging.

Additional Tips For Potential Background Noise Removal

Here are some additional tips and tricks you can follow in order to get effective background noise removal. Because without background noise your video will show professionalism and quality of your video will be enhanced;

  • Choose some peaceful area or some sound proof techniques in order to avoid background noise.
  • In order to capture a quality video with great audio make sure to choose good microphones or good audio devices
  • Set your microphone position during recording
  • You can also try different noise removing techniques in VN video editor
  • Immediately review the quality of audio
  • You need practice daily in order to remove the background noise and using other video editing tool in a professional way


In this modern era of video editing removing background noise is an important question and it’s easy and simple answer is VN video editor where you can edit the voice over you can change it with some other voices as well as this way your video will look professional and you can clearly deliver the intent of your video.

By following these simple and easy steps you can assure a noise free video which will be informative and viewers will find that engaging because that doesn’t contain any kind of interruption.

In this article we have covered all basic steps of changing background noise or completely removing it. We are sure that you will find it informative and you can easily remove the background noise by following these easy steps.


Yes! You can surely adjust the intensity of voice in the VN video editor and you can adjust it according to your desire

Make sure to find a quiet, calm and peaceful area in order to record the video or you can use advanced techniques of preventing background noise.

It will surely affect your social media accounts as viewers will find it interrupting and unengaging so your following list will be affected by this background noise.

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