How to Remove Green Screen In VN Video Editor

Looking for a platform where you can edit your video to give it a professional look by changing the background then don’t search more! Yes! Here is a VN video editor where you can edit your videos effortlessly and make it engaging for the viewers by creating amazing backgrounds without any expertise.

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Removing green screens from video and adding something engaging has changed the world of video editing. But the main thing is how you can remove the green screen without any worries in a professional way. So keep your worries aside, in this article we will give you a step by step guide toward the journey of removing green screens by using VN video editor.

Steps To Remove Green Screen

Here is a step by step guide of removing green screens by using VN video editor as it enhances the quality of video. As you can add any kind of your desired video or image behind the video according to your front image or video. So let’s know about the ways to remove back screen by using VN video editor in order to make it engaging;

Download and Install VN Video Editor

  • You can simply download VN editor at
  • or you can simply download VN video editor by using Google play store or for IOS the apple store.
  •  Locate your application by visiting your storage.
  • Install application after installing click it to open.

Import Green Screen Video

  • Click on create new project or you can simply click on the ➕ icon.
  • Select your desired video with green screen background that you want to replace
  • After selecting your desired video tap on import in order to import that in the VN video editor.

Open Chroma Key

  • Find green screen or chroma key option
  • Click on it
  • And drag the cursor on the video to remove the green screen

Adjust Chroma Key

Here is a simple guide to adjust your chroma key so it would be easy for your to remove green screen from your video;

  • You can use the “similarity slider” to know how neatly the green color matches the target color of removal.
  • You can also enhance the smoothness of your video by using “Smoothness Slider” 
  • You can use “Transparency slider”  in order to eliminate the green screen area or to adjust that according to your desire.
  • You need to remember that you have to spill and adjust opacity until the backdrop is completely removed and changed.

Review, Refine And Export

  • The final step is to review the video in order to know if it looks professional after removing and adding back screen.
  • If you find any kind of issue with your video, move back and adjust the problem by using the chroma key.
  • After finalizing  you can export it and share it on your desired platforms or with your friends.

What is Chroma Keying Or Green Screen?

Green screen is a green color that content creators, filmmakers, tiktokers, youtubers and video content creators use as pre filming and change that background according to their desire and content in order to make it engaging and informative.

While chroma keying is the tool in VN video editor with many other tips and tricks which is used to remove that green screen and to add informative visuals according to your desire. The reason behind using green screen is that it can be removed easily and users can change their background without any effort.

Final Thoughts

Green screen is an outstanding way to remove background in order to make a professional video. For this purpose VN video editor is a user-friendly platform where you can create a background according to desire and can change it without any effort by following easy steps.

The given help describes all the aspects of the VN video editor by removing the green screen from behind. By following these easy steps you can easily remove the green screen and make a professional video for viewers by giving it engaging visuals.


Here are some general frequently asked questions by newbie VN video editor such as how to remove green screen and many more. So we have created this section to remove your queries;

When the green color reflects on the object which is unwanted but due to reflection of light it slightly affects the object that phenomenon called green spill.

The process of removing background by using several editing softwares is called keying green screen. VN video editor is one of them. You can use it easily for the purpose of removing the green screen from your video.

It sounds like an struggling task of removing green spills from object but you can easily remove it by using VN video editor and by following these easy steps;

  • Adjust your lightning
  • Make sure to set a proper distance between screen and object
  • Use fine-tune chroma key to give it a professional look
  • Use color correction
  • Make sure to use backlight
  • Make sure to use spill suppression.

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