VN Video Editor founding company information

VN Video Editor is a product of Ubiquity labs llc which is an unfunded company founded in New York City, United States. Its Tracxn score is 28/100, which is considered good. Its ranking score is 49th in the world among all its 314 competitors. Till now there are three android applications which have been issued by the company.

Critical Measurements of Vlog Now VN Video Editor Company:

The following are the key characteristics of the company:

First Founding Stone: 2018

Company stage: unfunded

Competitors analysis: 49th among 314 

Office location: New York City, United States

Tracxn score: 28/100

Profile of VN Editor’s Company

The company features app-bounded editing programs for video enthusiasts till its first day of foundation. VN Video Editor APK the product of ubiquiti labs  helps you delete, trim, and paste your videos for the best editing experience. The application is equally operable for Android, iOS, and PC.

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Monetization system Of Vlog Now editor

The monetization source of VN’s founding company is Adsense or other advertisements.

Who are the investors of VN company?

VN’s founding company has no potential investors nor has any institutional investors. The company generates its total revenue by advertisement of local and international brands.

Funds raised by the company till now

The VN company has its market share and is an independent company. As a result, it has never collected any funds.

VN’s company competitors

The VN’s company has 314 competitors, 261 active. It ranks 49th among its energetic counterparts. Fifteen are funded, and 16 are excited. With its 96 partners, VN company has raised almost $1.01 Billion in funding. There are two private corporations in its competitors.

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Top Counterparts of Vlog Now VN Video editor company:

Following are the top field-fellows of VN company:


PicsArt is an American- Armenian tech-based company founded in 2011, and it has its founding office in Miami, America, and Yerevan, Armenia. 

With its seamless editing programs, PicsArt aims to create unimaginable pictures, videos, and animations. Its strong integration with other social media networks assists you in sharing your project without further effort. This app has almost 1 billion users in 180 countries worldwide.


Pixelworks is a multi-directional company founded in 1997 that aims to create stunning videos and semiconductors for pixel processing, including other software. Moreover, digital displays, projection instruments, and digital signage are the essential inventions of Pixelworks company.

Its main products include connectable circuits for image editing, stunning registers for video signals, and assist robust networks in increasing display capability.

Allen Alley, the co-founder of the company, is an Oregon politician. The company is run by its CEO and President Walicek, a competent worker who elevates the company to a climax.


Based in Santa Monica, California, Pixels is a business that combines technology and art. The company was established in 2006 and is a global platform for famous brands, photographers, and artists. Sellers may quickly establish rates for over 25 print-on-demand items by uploading their photographs to

The headquarters of Pixels was founded at 2415 N Geneva Ter, Chicago, Illinois,60614, United States. Its total revenue is $5 billion, according to the last update. The official content number of the company is (877) 807 590.


VN Editor company is a multi-featured corporation and was founded in 2018.

VN company’s main office is in New York City, United States of America.

VN Editing Company has no fundraising options. Therefore, it is not a public company.

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