How to Add text in VN Video Editor

VN video editor is one of the best video editing app. Where you can edit your video by adding music, voice over and customizing background. You can also add text in your video if you are making a descriptive or informational video.

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In order to make an interesting video text play an important role. As it is an easy way to convey your message to the public by adding a description on your video. So for beginners this is just a common question about how to add text in VN video editor.

In this article we will discuss how to add text in VN video editor with a complete step by step guideline.

Steps To Add Text In VN Video Editor

Adding text in your video is a simple way to convey the right message to the audience. Especially people who belong to other languages find it easy and convenient to watch a video with text/subtitles. VN video editor apk is a all purpose program with multiple features of adding text in a video

how to add text in vn video editor

Here is the simple guide to add text in your VN video editor in order to make your video more informative and descriptive.

At the start of the video editor click on the B-roll film track. There are various presets available including title, name and description. Other adjustment are as following;

  • T-Icon is a preset where you can edit text
  • Aa icon is the symbol that you can adjust fonts and its size from here
  • Color Icon is used to color the text, change background of text shadows and many more text editing.

Now if you are willing to add text in your video in order to make it more informative then let’s start step by step tutorial in order to give you an easy VN editor guide;

  • Open timeline of video editing
  • Press on Text Icon available in the timeline
  • After this box will appear on the screen in order to write a text. Select your preferred layout
  • Type the text that you will describe your video
  • You can do all needed customization such as changing size and background, adjusting colors and other requirements.
  • In order to apply changes click on the Tick Mark.
  • In order to set it on your desired location drag the text on screen. You can also zoom in or zoom out by moving your two fingers in order to adjust it on the screen.
  • Congratulations! Your desired text has been added in your video. Now you can save it, export it and share it successfully.

In order to make your video more professional and informative you can click on the text animation and transitions tab to add text animation and transition effects, which will be known as more text customization.


New users and beginners doing video editing find it as a difficult task of adding text in your video but these simple easy steps will make your video informative and engaging for the audience. As people with other languages can also see your video and will find it informative after having a text description of your video.


Yes you can surely add text in your VN video editor by following easy steps. You can also customize that text to make it look more engaging and beautiful.

Yes! It is one of the good free video editing platforms. Where you can edit your video by adding texts, transitions, animations and many more features that you can unlock in order to make your video more informative and engaging.

Yes! It is available for PC as well as on iphone, android, and MAC.

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