VN APK vs Lightworks APK

In this world of technology, video editing has gained so much popularity in every social media domain. Whether you are a filmmaker, content creator, or social media vamp, video editing is a must-know skill. A lot of video editing applications come to light with extraordinary features.

But choosing the right application that suits your editing requirements is much more difficult. Two well-known applications in this regard are the VN APK and Lightworks APK. These are the modded versions of the standard apps available on the internet, with advanced features.

In our blog post, we will delve deep into the detailed features of both applications, along with their pros and cons. We will also discuss some of its additional features before concluding which app suits you the best. So let’s get started.


VN APK is an advanced version of the original application with multiple functionalities and editing tools. VN enables its users to create stunning videos by using raw videos. And offers an exceptional experience in video editing.

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VN offers its users diverse features from basic to advanced levels. Some of these extraordinary features of VN include hundreds of transition effects, a multilayer timeline with a user-friendly interface, easy to operate, no watermark, and the chroma key feature.

Key Features

Now we explore all the premium features of the VN video editor.

Chroma key feature

Chroma key is the most splendid feature of VN, which offers its users trouble-free background removal. This feature can be used by recording a video with a green screen or overlay. Surprisingly, VN provides remarkable overlays; thus, removing the background of any video for professional purposes becomes super easy.

User-friendly interface

This app’s easy-to-operate and user-friendly interface allows its users, whether a beginner or a professional, to navigate all its features effortlessly.

Advanced subtitle tools with multiple creative filters

VN offers its users many inclusive subtitle tools involving trimming, cutting, merging, applying filters, etc. Its stunning collection of filters gives videos a creative touch, helping editors make professional-grade video projects.

Keyframe Animations

For beautifying your videos, VN also offers a keyframe animation tool. Using these keyframe features, users can effectively add awesome animations taking their video editing experience to the next level.

Highly effective for exporting projects

VN offers this extraordinary feature of exporting video drafts safely without any watermark. Sharing complete projects to different social platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Pros and Cons of VN APK


  • User-friendly interface with keyframe animations.
  • Ease of sharing and exporting videos to other social media apps.
  • The app interface is ads-free.
  • No watermark.
  • Multiple transition effects.
  • Highly safe and secure app.
  • High-definition video outputs.


  • Sometimes time-consuming.
  • Automatic degradation of video projects.
  • A little bit of difficulty in voiceover addition.
  • Unofficial launching

Lightworks APK

Editshare developed a feature-rich video editing application for professional filmmakers and social media enthusiasts named Lightworks APK. The powerful features offered by Light work help create stunning videos of professional-grade precision. This app’s high efficiency and improved functionality make it a powerful contender in the world of video editing.

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Now, It’s time to go into the details of our second exciting app.

Multilayer timeline and editing

The multilayer timeline feature is extremely important for a pro-level editor. Using this flexible timeline, users can easily adjust video speed, add slow motion, add extra circular speed, and easily crop and trim. This feature also allows you to zoom in and out of videos. So one of the core strengths of the Light work app is its flexible timeline helping to craft visually captivating videos.

Customize background music and voiceovers

This app provides a melodious music library to its users for adding different kinds of music genres. This sound effects collection is incredible and useful for all content creators. Moreover, light work also allows them to record voiceovers through its mic and add it automatically to their videos.

Professional editing tool

This application gives users an immersive experience with its professional editing tools. Only expert video editors use these tools of real-time effects, multi cam editing, phenomenal effects, and countless other features.

Collaborative work experience

The distinctive feature of Lightwork is its ability to offer teamwork to its users. This feature is extremely useful for users working in collaboration on large production works, especially in the film and television industry.

Pros and Cons of Lightworks editor


  • Smooth and easy-to-operate interface.
  • Pre-made templates and vast availability of subtitles.
  • Allowing big teamwork projects.
  • The output video project is without any watermark.
  • Well-optimized and easy-to-use filters.
  • A lot of presets are available.


  • Difficulty in exporting videos to other apps.
  • Expensive pro features.
  • Copyright issue.
  • No official support.
  • Security Concerns.

Additional features of VN APK vs Lightworks APK

Lightworks APK
Video Player & EditorsVideo Player & Editors
Google Play IDcom.frontrow.vlog
Size180 MB72 MB
RequiresAndroid 5.0Android 7.0 or up


We concluded in this article VN APK vs Lightworks APK that these editing apps offer a wide range of advanced features that make them unique. When choosing between both applications, one has to look deeply into their features and choose accordingly.

VN offers a great list of features, from basic cutting, trimming, and resizing to advanced chroma key features, keyframe animations, and multilayer timelines. Thus VN is good for any beginner or experienced video editor. On the other hand, Lightworks is good for professionals looking to make big projects in the film and television industry. Now, it’s up to you which application you will choose based on your preferences.

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